Administrative Laws

The American Administrative Law focus the executive independent agencies. These agencies grew in number in the early twentieth century and in 1946, the Congress enacted the Administrative Procedure Act. The APA is the law under which about 55 government federal regulatory agencies like the FDA make rules and regulations like Clean Air Act, Food Drug and Cosmetic Act and many others, which are essential in order to enforce major legislative acts. The Administrative law act also set processes for the United States Federal Courts so that they are able to review the agency decisions directly. The law under the APA is applicable to the federal executive agencies and also the independent agencies. Talking about administrative law and the administrative law and process, its basic purpose is to.

  • To keep the citizens of the country informed about their organization, rules and procedures
  • To allow the participation of the public in the process to make making
  • To make uniform standards for the conduct of formal rulemaking and adjudication
  • To define the scope of the laws

The Administrative law rules and regulations are issued by the federal administrative agencies and are published in the Federal Register is a chronological order after which they are noted topic wise in the Code of Federal Regulations.

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