Child Support

Child is one of the most precious things to a parent. However, when the understanding between both the parents comes to an end, it also brings about some sort of disturbance into their lives as well as the life of a child.


Child support means the support given to the child by the parents financially when the child is not living with them. Both the parents are required to support their child financially when the child is living with either of them. This mostly happens in the case of divorce or separation of the parents.

To safeguard the future of the child, there exist child support laws. However obtaining child support is a very tedious task.

  • First, a parent has to prove in the court of law that he is the father/ mother of the child.
  • Then he obtains the custody of the child with the help of his lawyer
  • And lastly, he files for obtaining child support from the non custodian parent.

The duration of child support differs case by case. However majority of the times, the non custodial aren’t is required to support the child financially till the time the child attains his age of majority.

We ensure you the best and expert legal guidance so that there is no scope for confusion on the terms and conditions agreed upon.

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