Medical Jurisprudence

Medical jurisprudence is a term usually used in the medicines.  It is basically an application of medical science to legal problems which is involved in cases related to blood relationship, injury, mental illness or death resulting from violence.  Medical jurisprudence now embraces all matters that may bring the physician into contract with the law. However, the term medical jurisprudence is strictly a branch of medicine rather than of jurisprudence, it does not really include sanitation or hygiene.


Medical jurisprudence has initially benefited a lot. It has immensely benefited both the medical and the legal field work. This has been made possible by better understanding and cooperation. In addition, with the development of the field of medical jurisprudence, it has solved the previous unsolved cases with much ease.

Along with all this, it can also be used to determine the paternity of a child and be employed in determining the identity of human bodies which have been mutilated beyond recognition in accidents like bomb blasts and factory explosions. The connection between medicine and the law was perceived long before medical jurisprudence was recognized, or it had obtained a distinct appellation. It first took its rise in Germany, and then more tardily received response in Great Britain.

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