The generic name of Meridian is Sibutramine which is used as a short term supplement to diet and exercise in the treatment of obesity. It basically affects chemicals in the body that are related to weight maintenance. Meridian is manufactured by Abbott laboratories and is classified as a schedule IV controlled substance in the United States, despite having virtually no potential for abuse.


It has been reported that Meridia has caused increased blood pressure in some patients. Therefore it is important to have regular check up while taking Meridia. Meridian can cause dizziness, restlessness or can create difficulty in concentrating. Before taking Meridia one should consult his/her doctor in order to receive positive results. However, Meridia is in FDA pregnancy category C. Therefore, it is not known whether meridian will harm an unborn baby. It is better to first talk to your doctor if you are pregnant.

According to the former Meridia user, she has had a meridian lawsuit pending for two years and has been suffering Meridia side effects ever since using the weight loss pill. Along with all this, it was also reported that around 30 patients died while they were taking meridia.

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