Stalking, is to repeatedly harass a person or invade his private life to the extent that becomes a matter of concern and causes fear to the target. The statutes differ with every jurisdiction and generally include :

  • Frequent following
  • Unwanted contact
  • Noticing a person’s actions for a long period of time
  • Inappropriate contact with family and friends
  • Cyber stalking

Many studies reveal that the cases of stalking have drastically increased in the past few years. These cases are both of individual stalking and gang stalking.

Psychologists have grouped stalkers as per their stalking behaviour in two categories namely, non- psychotic and psychotic. There are different types of stalkers like rejected stalkers, resentful stalkers, intimacy stalkers, eroto-manic stalkers, predator stalker and incompetent suitor. All these differ on the ways with which they contact the target and also their reasons for such behaviour

Initially the act of stalking was criminalised in the State of California in 1990 by law but now all states have stalking laws.

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