Telemarketing Fraud

The term telemarketing fraud means a fraud or any scheme that is done through the medium of a phone. The telephone in this case is used as a means to cheat the prospective targets.   Here the person who calls or the tele-communicator who convinces the prospective target to buy certain goods and services. There is never a guarantee that these goods or the services will be provided by him.


Many a times it also happens that the caller fools the person by disguising as a social worker or a representative of a well known firm. In the past few years it has been noticed that many people cheat victims like this and the money spent by them is never returned or reimbursed.

To protect the victims, and help them recover the losses there are telemarketing frauds laws which help the victims of such frauds. If one is affected by such a fraud or rather many of them once should get in touch with us to guide them through the process and ensure recovery of losses.

One should also be careful before paying for any item on the phone especially till they do not check the authenticity of the product and the seller.

If you are one of the victims of any telemarketing fraud, all you require is to contact us and then bank upon us for solving your case. We have an expert team of telemarketing fraud attorneys who will guide you and assist you in solving the case.

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