Child Custody?

There are hundreds of thousands of cases of divorce that comes in a court of law daily. In some of them, the issue of the custody of child exists. While in some cases, both the parents reach to a mutual agreement regarding the custody of the child whereas in other cases, the court has to decide upon the child custody taking into account all the factors regarding the child.


Sometimes, in typical cases the court may grant the physical custody of the child to one parent but that does not debar the other parent his legal custodian rights. This is known as joint custody. In this case, the parent who has the physical custody of the child may take all the decisions regarding the child’s future i.e. his education etc but he needs to consult the other parent.

Sometimes, the courts may allow joint physical custody of the child to both the parents where the child spends equal time with both the parents.

Normally the child custody ends when the child reaches his majority i.e. he is able to support himself financially or he gets married to someone.

Also, going through these cases one is bound to be emotionally tired. An expert attorney will counsel you and guide your ahead with the future course of action. If you are one of those people searching for a good legal advisor, all you need is to approach us. We are here to help in all possible ways.

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