Civil Law

There is a small difference between criminal law and civil law. In criminal law, the person found guilty is reprimanded and might be sentenced or imprisoned but in a civil law, the person found guilty of misconduct only has to furnish the financial loss suffered by the other party due to his conduct.


In civil cases, the onus of the proof is mainly only the person on whom charges are levied. In a civil case, the attorney has a right to demand information from the other party pertaining and relevant to the case. However, it might take several years for the first hearing in a civil case.

Civil laws in various countries vary from each other. It might be different in one country while you may found another set of civil laws in other. For the best information you can visit any of the civil law firms in the respective country.

Within U.S. only three jurisdictions are considered as civil law system– Louisiana, Puerto Rico and Guam. It is such a vast law in itself that even the experts find it difficult to remember.

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