Criminal Law

It is setup to punish the criminals for performing the acts against humanity. Its main objective is to get criminal justice. Anything that violates the law is a crime. For all crimes, there must be a set punishment. If there is no punishment for a particular thing then it is not a crime.


Criminal offences comprises of 2 elements: – one is the physical act and the other one is the mental aspect. ┬áThe failure to follow these criminal rules which provides the constitutional rights can result in the charges being dismissed.

Not every case can be removed from the court of law. Everywhere, there are some own set of criminal rules that need to be followed. The rules of the criminal procedure are formulated to provide the accused the due procedure of law.

Criminal laws are different from civil laws. In a criminal proceeding, the action is taken against an individual for breaking the law and committing a crime. The punishment could be paying a fine, sentenced to jail or the person can be put on rehabilitation program. While a civil proceeding is done for solving the dispute among 2 or more people. The judgment is more or less giving compensation to the person for the harm caused. It is not taken as a criminal as a criminal offence

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