Dangerous Drugs

Any drug induced into the body of the person with or without his knowledge that hams the physical or mental health of the person is termed as dangerous drugs. It is one of the most dangerous things of today that is harming not only the present but also the future of the country by affecting the upcoming generations.


So, it is the duty of the state and the country to guard itself against these harmful and destructive drugs. The state should make its drug laws stricter to prohibit this heinous crime. Some of the most dangerous drugs are marijuana, opium, Methamphetamine hydrochloride (Shabu) etc. The effect of dangerous drugs is not only on our body but also on our mind and we become habitual to it.

Any person who has willfully given his consent to this act against humanity and has extended his power and influence in protecting any person who he knows is involved in this crime is bound to be punishable. In US, the penalty could range from lifetime imprisonment up to 12 years or a fine of $10,000 or both. For those who distribute these drugs to minors are bound to be severely punished and faces the maximum penalty

Have any of you fallen victim to these kinds of drugs? Do you know anybody who is in the illicit distribution of these drugs? If yes, then you can simply contact us and we can help the community safeguard them from these people and moreover you can get rewarded as per the dangerous drug laws of U.S.

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