Drunk Driving

Driving while drinking, also called drunk driving is considered as a serious act by an individual. In drunk driving accidents, the drunken driver could be impaired mentally or physically for the rest of his life, thus ruining his life altogether. Not only he himself, his family is also suffered equally in the case a person is driving drunk. His family may loose its bread-winner due to a drunken driving accident. It is considered as a law-breaking act in almost all the legal authorities in the U.S. Each individual is expected to respect and follow the laws and rules formed by the U.S. government. In return, the U.S. law assures to protect its citizens against any injustice done to them by anyone.


Drunk driving act is termed as a criminal offence and is bound to bear the penalty under drunk driving lawIt is also called driving while intoxicated (DWI) or driving under the influence of drug (DUI). These laws are also applicable to the persons who are piloting aircraft or boating.

A majority of total percentage of traffic deaths in the United States is due to the drunk driving accidents. This percentage is increasing day by day. Alcohol-relatedaccidentsincludeaccidents where the driver, passenger or pedestrian involved has any sign of being drunk.

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