Identity Theft

Identity theft or fraud is the usage of other person’s identity to gain access to their finances and personal information or with an aim to get them framed for a crime. There are many techniques which are used like stealing the mails or stealing personal information from the computer databases and also getting the data from the organisations which store data.


These cases are rising in number and seeing the problems they pose and in with a view to identity theft prevention and identity theft protection, the government has devised many laws to protect the people and also has devised ways of identity theft punishment.

It is the responsibility of the citizens individually also to make all possible precautions with an aim of preventing identity theft.

Many attorneys and lawyers in our team have expert knowledge in the respect of identity theft. So, if you face the problem where you have been framed for a crime or your personal information has been stolen, you can contact us and we shall provide our team of experts who are well versed with the identity theft facts and identity theft information. They will suitably guide you through the entire procedure as per the prevailing laws to ensure out of the situation unaffected.

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