Traffic Violation and Related Laws

Traffic violation is a common norm these days that can be viewed at every nook corner of the city. Its history can be traced back to the times the automobiles hit the roads. Any act of driving that is not in compliance with the existing rules and norms is termed as traffic violation.


Any person who is caught violating the traffic rules is issued a summon by the traffic police personnel known as traffic ticket or more commonly a challan. Once issued a ticket, the motorist is given the option to appeal in the local court or in the city where traffic violation took place. Most of the time the amount is paid then and there itself, however with the modernization and technology updating taking place you can pay fine for your traffic violations online.

If he does not pleads guilty, then a trial date is set where both the motorist and the officer who has issued him a ticket are required to be present and both fight for their case. If the motorist is not found guilty then the case is dismissed but if he is found guilty or if he pleads guilty, the motorist is generally fined a monetary amount which he has to pay failing which his driving license could be terminated.

Various types of minor traffic violations include: –

  • Drink Driving
  • Parking violations
  • Speed Driving
  • Talking over the phone while driving

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